Norwegian Rosemaling     by Jean Honl

​​​Norwegian rosemaling wedding and anniversary plates.  rosemaling clocks, rosemaling trunks and other rosemaling gifts.

About Jean...
I live in a small town in northern Minnesota.  We are a Scandinavian community. Years ago many Norwegians and Swedes settled here. As a result we celebrate with a Scandinavian festival every year.

I have lived in this area all my life. My maiden name is Olson, and I grew up on a farm in an area called Malung.

In 1974 I enrolled in a rosemaling class offered through adult education. It was there that I fell in love with the beautiful scrolls and flowers so prevalent in rosemaling. As a result, later I traveled to Vesterheim in Decorah, Iowa and took rosemaling classes from the masters. Now I teach rosemaling.

Besides rosemaling, I teach elementary school art. I’ve been working with teachers and young children for 19 years. I introduce children to the fine arts. Each year I create art projects for these children. It is a joy to teach young people art.

An art background helps me when I create my own rosemaling and woodenware designs.  Some of the same art elements, shape, line and color, are used in rosemaling.

Today I continue to teach rosemaling and art. I have a wood working shop where I make most of the woodenware that I rosemal. I also paint Swedish painting in the Dala style.

When people buy my rosemaling , I consider it a compliment.
2010 Roseau Scandinavian Festival
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