Norwegian Rosemaling     by Jean Honl

​​​Norwegian rosemaling wedding and anniversary plates.  rosemaling clocks, rosemaling trunks and other rosemaling gifts.


Norwegian rosemaling and rosemaling gift
Thank you for visiting my rosemaling web site. I have been rosemaling for over 45 years. After my first rosemaling class, I knew this folk art would be part of my life. It was a night class, and when I came home I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. The result of this is that I have taken more rosemaling classes at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum. I also teach rosemaling classes. Like the rosemalers of old, throughout the years I have developed my own rosemaling style.  I also love woodworking. I build most of the wooden ware that I rosemal. While I am making a wood piece, I think of how I want to rosemal that piece. My clients also send or bring wood items for me to fix and then rosemal.  Before I rosemal these pieces, I make sure my client approves of my rosemaling designs. We work together as a team to achieve the final result.
I designed, built, and rosemaled the wall cabinet on the right. I can custom build one for you.
Jean Honl
Special Occasion Rosemaling Gifts

The plates below are different examples of the plates I have done.  These wooden plates are rosemaled one at a time.  I don't mass produce a certain kind or type of plate.  You can email or call me and I will take your order to your specifications for a Norwegian rosemaling plate.
1.  Norwegian Rosemaling Anniversary Plate
Back of Anniversary Plate
2.  Norwegian Rosemaling Anniversary Plate
Back of Anniversary Plate
3.  Norwegian Rosemaling Wedding Plate
4. Wedding Plate
Two hearts married in laughter and love
(​English translation included on back)
5. Norwegian Rosemaling Velkommen Welcome Plate
6. Birth Plate - Rusty Red Background
Back of Birth Plate
7. Birth Plate - Norwegian Blue Background
8. Birth Plate - Green Background

​I love making and rosemaling clocks. Years ago my father-in-law had a clock shop. I would rosemal his clocks and he would sell them in his shop. The clocks pictured below were all designed and made by me. It takes a lot of time and thought to create new clock designs.  Below are few examples of the clocks I have made.  One of my favorite clocks I make is a large grandfather clock (pictured below). I make this clock in three parts (top, middle and bottom). This makes the clock easier to mail or move. The middle section has a door with shelves inside. I also put a small compartment in the back of the bottom section for special items.  Any of these clocks can be custom ordered and make great rosemaling gifts. You can choose the colors and designs you want.  Let me know if you would like to order a Norwegian Rosemaling Clock.
Norwegian Rosemaling Banjo Clock
Mantel Clock
Grandfather Clock
Round Wall Clock
Decorative Wall Clock
Wall Clock with Finials
Email me if you have any questions or for custom orders.
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